Oh sh$t here we go again


Buckle up because there’s going to be a fuck loads of thoughts in this post.

If you are new here, welcome and thanks for subscribing. If what i say in this post is going to offend you ( New or old subbies), please unsubscribe don’t worry i’ll be fine.

I am an Igbo woman ( Nigerian).

I am African, I am black

and i am here to occupy space.

Here’s Whats going on in Nigeria:

  1. There is a slow genocide happening with the blasted Fulani cow huggers united and Booboo the fool squad haram ( boko haram) killing people. And possibly transferring them down south in the middle of the night and planting them in places to wreck havoc.
  2. A girl named Uwa ( May her soul rest in peace) was raped and killed IN THE CHURCH.
  3. The parody-president is missing. ( okay maybe he’s not but i have no idea where he is).
  4. The medical system might just be the ultimate scam Nigerians have ( No i am not dissing the good doctors as they are trying their damn best in a system that’s failing them).

 Sharing the pain with my brothers and sisters in America, The Police has gone mad again. Last month was just shitty, more Than three black people where killed including Transmen and Women Who apparently no one likes to talk about!

All over the world black people are being treated like we aren’t meant to exist.

And then i open twitter and see some people in the book community wearing their full clown masks. Yikes!

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

As a rule, i do not engage in drama because i have enough anxiety to go round for everyone. But I will not sit down and watch anyone trivialize this issue ( Police Brutality). Its okay to say you don’t understand but back it up with effort to educate yourself. I am still learning a lot, and from the little i have learnt…..i am fucking pissed off.

For my country, is it a crime  to be a woman? Y’all out there preaching the wrong message to girls but you cannot teach your boys to keep their dick in their pants. People actually have the guts to be rape apologists in this day and age!!!! FUCK YOU! Its tiring to walk down the street and fear for your life or have people think they are entitled to your life because you are a woman. 

I’ll wait for the revolution to happen in this country because its coming soon.

My posts are usually not this heavy but i had to because i don’t want to be desensitized. And i say this again i am tired…

To the book community, to authors and any publishers that may read this , Black lives do matter. We are not just for profit, don’t feed off trauma porn, we are not ghetto, yes Africans read, Its okay to include black people in what you do we actually add more spice; if you are writing about something sensitive that includes a black person i promise we have sensitivity readers for that.  There are own voices for a reason!

Please stop telling black people to keep quiet within the community especially women, we have voices to and we are going to use them.

One last thing, if you do not believe in using your voice to help others, its better you shush. Don’t go around adding pain to others because of your ignorance. 

There it is if any of the above hurts you you may leave anytime. I love uplifting people, i love making people laugh, i spread rainbows. But don’t get it twisted i will fight through my anxiety of posting strong words and cut you  ( with words) if you come for me or my friends….capiche? 

Now that we are good sit tight and wait for the good stuff coming your way soon!

As always,

Nelo- The Booked Unicorn

My horn is pointy!




Author: bookedunicorn

Hi! Welcome to my blog where i talk about mostly books. I write reviews, i recommend books and things to read and try out. . 

3 thoughts on “Oh sh$t here we go again”

  1. I have been off for some days because everything is just too much, rape and sexual abuse aspect hits hardest, so I have been taking care of myself.

    It’s so sad, Twitter just makes me cry with everything I see. I’m getting emotional all over again as I type this, the world hates us for no reason.


  2. Sometimes I wonder when we as a nation, would wake up to the problems in the system and how broken it is. I know that the people who raped Uwa are people who are known by some people in the church, I am just so angry.
    It’s like the girl that called out D’banj, got arrested and detained. This is just the corruption of the highest order.
    I am just pissed


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