Blogmas Day 7: Reading Goals for 2020

Hello you lovely humans,

Lets talk reading goals. Now this year i had a blast hunny, i enjoyed most of the books i read. I took my precious time in devouring the words and just loving the story. Of course i had some what the fuck am i reading books, but in general they were all good.

Okay so i was supposed to write the review for the starless sea today but erm i still haven’t finished writing it up its still on paper and i have about 34 pages to finish. I’ll give you that tomorrow. Catch up on day four  and day six 

I posted an update a while ago on Arc’s and why i had to take a break ( this was coupled with the drama llama on twitter concerning arcs and authors). And i have to be honest reading without expectations of a deadline has been peaceful af.

I check off my goals for reading which i posted earlier this year. Its time to make a new one and smash it!

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Reading with Intention

Last year i read with the intention of enjoying what i read. In 2020 i will be reading with the intention of enjoying and learning a new habit, skill and others ( what ever is out there to learn, good stuff only though!). I am opening myself to enjoy, know and understand what i read.


Although i did read a couple of diverse books i would admit i could do a lot better. I want to read more POC Works and i have already set books on my tbr for this ( Dear Lordt please let me stick to it). 


I want to tackle longer books next year, that would mean a shorter reading goal ( I am thinking 52-60)

ARC Backlist

And finally, i hope to clear my backlog of ARC’s on Netgalley. I would be joining Destiny’s ARCApocalypse , you can join this too if you have books to clear.



Blogging: Now i am not going to make any gigantic goals for this next year but my goal would be to write more and enjoy what i write. I would focus on putting out good content. 


That’s it for this post.

Thank you for reading and catching up with me. What are your reading and blogging  goals for next year? 

As always,

Nelo-Booked Unicorn


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