Blogmas Day 3: Favorite Webtoons, Manga and Anime 2019


Its day three of Blogmas and today i’ll be writing about one of my favorite things in this life ANIME!!! Catch up on day one and two

The list will be ticked off as things they are posted.

  1. 5 Things i am grateful for in 2019
  2. favorite non-bookish things this year
  3. favorite Webtoons, Manga and anime this year
  4. favorite music 2019
  5. Bookish Gifts 2019
  6. My Christmas Wishlist
  7. The starless sea Book Review
  8. Reading Goals 2020
  9.  Favorite Quotes 
  10. Black Leopard Red wolf Book Review
  11.  Christmas in Scotland vs Nigeria
  12. Merry Christmas Message


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Ranking my top anime from top to bottom :

  • Kimetsu no Yaiba: If you haven’t watched this, GET ON IT NOW! From the graphics to the story line this anime is everything. It’s a bit gory but i promise you its worth it. Here are a gif of nezuko being cute while running ( I am a Nezuko Stan!!) at the end of this post!


  • SHINCHOU YUUSHA: KONO YUUSHA GA ORE TUEEE KUSE NI SHINCHOU SUGIRU: An overly cautious hero summoned to another world to save it. This is another funny anime, i mean the hero may look like a jerk sometimes but he destroys typical hero traits. I highly recommend this for a good laugh session.

  •  Mairimashita! Iruma-Kun: A pushover Iruma is sold by his parents to a high demon. This demon begs Iruma to be his grandson and he will be pampered and sent to school. The gag is he has to disguise that fact he is human or else he will be eaten. There are interesting characters in this anime. I love it!

  • Asobi Asobase: If you want to laugh your butt off watch this. If you watch this in public i sincerely wish you good luck.



Click on the links to read them if you are interested they are free ( Legally people).

Murrz: A collection of comics based on the artist murzz life. Entertaining and sometimes deep

Moonshine: I follow this comic on Tapas and i love everything about it, i need more gay vampires. 

Heartstopper: The cutest comic this year! i hope to get physical copies soon i love this and i am following it on Tapas too. Charlie and Nick are my babies!

My Giant nerd boy friend: Another comic that just makes you happy in the morning. Its based on Fishball ( the artist) and her extra tall boyfriend (she’s short).

Long Exposure : Two Boys with different friend groups, fall in love and then get hit by radioactive powers. Gee what could go wrong? Highly entertaining you can read this on Tapas



I have’t read much comics this year but the one i picked up my one of my favorite authors was really good.

LaGuardia (Issues #1-4) by Nnedi Okorafor

A comic about Immigration and racism but make it about aliens. I recently finished this comic and i am hoping that there are more installations because the topic is important. The art style is beautiful. If you love or you want to try Afro-futurism, try this book.


And that’s it folks , thank you for stopping by and reading? Do you have any favorite comics, webtoon or anime this year let me know in the comments.

As Always,

Nelo-Booked Unicorn

Nezuko Kamado Running GIF - NezukoKamado Running DemonSlayer GIFs

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