Blogmas ’19 Day 1: 5 things i am grateful for

Hello hoomans,

Welcome to 12 days of blogmas 2019!!!

Damn time flew fast!. I mean i know we always say that every year but yeesh! I don’t know about you but that motivates me to be present more often so that i do not miss moments.

This is what i will be talking about  for blogmas this year. I will strike off the ones i have completed.

  1. 5 Things i am grateful for in 2019
  2. favorite non-bookish things this year
  3. favorite Webtoons, Manga and anime this year
  4. favorite music 2019
  5. Bookish Gifts 2019
  6. My Christmas Wishlist
  7. The starless sea Book Review
  8. Reading Goals 2020
  9.  Favorite Quotes 
  10. Black Leopard Red wolf Book Review
  11.  Christmas in Scotland vs Nigeria
  12. Merry Christmas Message.

 I turned 25 last week Saturday, and i wrote what i learnt from my 24th year. This year has been one of the crappiest in terms of mental health and job stability, it wasn’t until the last quarter of this year that i had peace of mind and i was able to finally look back and reflect on all that i have achieved despite what i was going through. I am happy that i didn’t give up and i some how made it through.

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So here are the things i am grateful for

  1. Growth: It’s often said that the most difficult battle you would ever have is with yourself. I am happy i found my voice and i am happy that i was able to stand my ground and shut out unwanted voices from within myself and also from people around me. Was it difficult?Hell yeah but i am grateful for the lessons.
  2. Family: On the 19th of this month would mark two years since i graduated from Uni and i moved back home to Serve my country and stay with my family. I am grateful for every single one of them and the time we spend together. I am grateful for being back home, i was on the verge of a breakdown that could have been horrible but being around family has helped ground me.
  3. Blogging: I am grateful for this little space i have to blog. I almost called it quits this year because i was getting tired of all the drama in the community. I am glad i didn’t
  4. My Body: I am grateful for my body, this year i have heard the famous: you should loose weight 1000 times. I had to look at my body and tell it thank you for being healthy and thank you for trying your best to stay healthy. 
  5. Books: As always i am grateful for books and the authors that create wonderful worlds we love. I am forever grateful for the little piece of heaven we can escape to.

I hope you stop and remember to count your blessings before this year ends. You would be surprised at how much you have come far.

Remember to celebrate the little victories!

Thank you for stopping by my Blogmas post! Please take a moment in the comments to tell me what you are grateful for this year.

As Always,

Nelo-Booked Unicorn



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